Niagara's Best Martial Artists

Certified Professional Black Belt Instruction

Students at Modern Vision Welland have access to all of Team Ascension's resources. Listed below are the instructors who teach Modern Vision MMA's students. We are Niagara's most proven and successful Team in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Thai kickboxing since 2008.

  • Professor Chris Bonfoco

    Head Coach/Professor of Modern Vision MMA Chris' philosophy is Mat-Time Makes Champions and Character Overcomes All. In the past five years since opening Modern Vision MMA Chris' Athlete's have won 11 MMA titles, countless provincial BJJ and K1 titles as well as 11 national K1 titles as well as winning several competitions himself. Coach Chris is also an influential figure in MMA & Jiu Jitsu in Ontario. Professor Chris is a Nat...
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  • BJJ & Kickboxing Coach Blayne Bonfoco

    Blayne Bonfoco (Faixa Marrom/Brown Belt) Blayne is one of the few female Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belts in Ontario who is also an active competitor. She is also an influential force in Amateur MMA in Ontario as she is also a member of the National Amateur MMA committee and is a certified referree for all Thai kickboxing and kickboxing disciplines as well as Amateur MMA. She also hold a fouth degree Blackbelt in NINPO Jiu-Jitsu. ...
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  • Professor Omar Salvosa

    Omar is one of the most respected BJJ Blackbelts in Canadaand is the 2014 No-Gi World Masters 3 Black Belt Champion. He is the Head of Team Ascension and is based out of Salvosa BJJ in Toronto. His infectious motivational and energetic style is reflected at all the Team Ascension schools including Modern Vision. Omar is known as one of Ontario’s pioneer students of BJJ and grappling, alongside standout colleagues Carlos Newton, Jeff Jos...
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  • Andrew Cseh: MMA, BJJ & Muay Thai Coach

    Andrew Cseh (Faixa Marrom/Brown Belt) Full Time Assistant Instructor, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Kickboxing, MMA. Instructor Cseh is not only an upcoming star in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he is a remarkable instructor at his young age. Detail oriented and passionate about all the styles taught at Modern Vision Andrew is as thorough in his teaching as he is enthusiastic. A professional MMA fighter who holds a 6-3 record as well as a ...
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  • Michelle Malaschenko, Fitness & Kickboxing

    Michelle is a wonderful part of our Team at Modern Vision MMA and is a dedicated fitness instructor and Thai Kickboxing Coach. She began her training in 2009 where she dropped from just under 200 lbs to her low at 125 lbs while she was competing in Kickboxing 2010.  Her positive energy is infectious and her classes run extremely smoothly and involves every participant regardless of experience level. Michelle's credentials are as foll...
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  • Ron Buchholz

    Modern Arnis and Weapons Ron is a VERY enthusiastic part-time instructor in our weapons program. His classes will make you a safer person from your first class as you are forced to improvise and adapt your techniques to guarantee effectiveness. The ultimate goal is if the technique worked, then it is good. If it didn't you need to adapt or change it.  Ron is a Classic Martial Artist and is pure to his art. His focus being weap...
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