Amazing Family Martial Arts

Improve Your Child's Confidence, Discipline, Focus and Respect through Martial Arts!

Children learn MUCH MORE than just Martial Arts; they learn to set and accomplish goals, develop a positive attitude, and discover how to overcome obstacles along the way.  

Parents rave about how our programs improve their child or children's focus, often seeing an improvement in grades at school. The ability to follow through on tasks is key to success at home and in life, and our amazing programs in martial arts are designed to help your child or children build strong habits through Virtual or in-person martial arts classes. Students benefit by starting at an early age to gain the positive habits required for their future success. Your child will have fun and you will see amazing results!

Our Family program supports developmental learning for families, ensuring that everyone is receiving the wide variety of benefits Martial Arts training has to offer. Lessons are tailored for families, making a measurable and positive impact on kids success. Children and adults with little to no experience in Martial Arts gain confidence and focus, along with improved Self-Esteem and Discipline. 

"Setting your child up for success is key to them learning the skills they will need to thrive in adulthood. Techniques such as goal setting, Habit Building, Perseverance, Teamwork and Respect are all key skills that Martial Arts Lessons at Modern Vision Mixed Martial Arts develops in your child. "

- Sensei Blayne

Children benefit from Martial Arts programs through continual positive reinforcement of strong values and character, while learning to have fun striving to be their best and build their confidence. Each success in Martial arts class leads to achieving goals for skill development, motivation and dedication. 

We know that families who practice Martial Arts at Modern Vision succeed more often at building strong values and habits that will support strong relationships for a lifetime.

Our highly experienced team of Black Belts, Instructors and Leaders all represent the dedication and quality that goes into each students experience. We strive to personalize each student's training to their specific needs, getting to know them individually and caring and following up to ensure that each student and family receives the support they need through Martial arts lessons to reach their potential and feel their best.

Ready to get started? email to set up your child's

FREE VIRTUAL introductory session. 

We will set aside this time to meet your family and get to know your goals as well as any special needs that your child and/or family has. 

Your child will also learn some basic Martial Arts techniques.

We will also schedule your child their first Trial class, so please ensure both parents are present (if relevant to your family's situation).