Amazing Kids Martial Arts Programs

CarlyStart Your Children on the Road to a Better Life:
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"It is easier to teach a child than to fix an adult,”  is the philosophy of Modern Vision’s children’s Programs for kids ages 4+.

Little Ninjas Program ages 4 to 6 

If you live in Niagara or Welland and are looking for your child to learn Martial Arts, confidence, discipline, self-esteem and functional coordination you want to sign them up for our amazing Little Ninjas Program. Our Little Ninjas program focuses on teaching children Focus, Self-Discipline, Confidence and Respect.

By starting at an early age children gain the positive habits of patience, selflessness and exercise. 

Successful Samurai Program Ages 7-12

The Successful Samurai Program supports kids at an Elementary learning level, to learn and practicing skills  to help them become successful young adults; Martial Arts is an excellent vehicle for this development. Your children will learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai/ Kickboxing

Our programs empower students to succeed against bullying!