Welcome to our newly expanded facility

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new 10,000 square foot facility on the main floor of the Seaway Mall!

Our current mat space has been expanded to 2,000 square feet of Tatami and 1,000 square feet of puzzle mats, with an excellent selection of heavy bags, aerobic balls, steppers, hand weights, medicine balls, risers, bosu, kettle bells and muay thai hand pads.

Immediately next to our multi-use area is a 4,000 square foot fitness facility, boasting 16 pieces of cardio equipment (treadmill, stepper, eliptical, bike, assault bike and rowing machine)

As well as 35 pin loaded weight machines

20 free weight machines, 2 smith machines, 2 power racks and a california rack

As well as rubber hex weights ranging from 5 pounds to 125 pounds.