Ron Buchholz

Modern Arnis and Weapons

Ron is a VERY enthusiastic part-time instructor in our weapons program. His classes will make you a safer person from your first class as you are forced to improvise and adapt your techniques to guarantee effectiveness. The ultimate goal is if the technique worked, then it is good. If it didn't you need to adapt or change it. 

Ron is a Classic Martial Artist and is pure to his art. His focus being weapons Ron takes what he does very seriously and he reflects this through his classes. 

  • Godan (5th Degree) Black Belt in Canadian Jiu-Jitsu (NINPO)
  • Apprentice Instructor in Modern Arnis (Philipino Martial Arts) under Guro John Tirone
  • Modern Arnis, Stick and Knife Sparring and weapons disarming

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