Recreational Martial Arts and Fitness

Modern Vision MMA offers Welland and Niagara's best and most extensive programs for recreational Martial Artists and fitness members alike. All recreational members benefit from training with Professional and high level amateur athletes while being Coached by full-time Professional Coaches.

Recreational Martial Arts
If your interest is to learn self-defense with the world's proven most effective Martial Arts in a safe and positive environment, then you have found the right place. At Modern Vision our recreational members have the opportunity to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Carlson Gracie)Striking/Takedowns and Mixed Martial Arts. The benefits exceed beyond our top level Coaching as all recreational members will benefit by training with and along side our competitive athletes. Your skills will be developed quickly and you will know the techniques are effective as you will have the opportunity to test them with champions.

Also as a recreational Martial Artist you will also feel part of a bigger team as regardless of your recreational status you will be a major part of our team's development. Everyone is part of the team has plays a part in our competitive success. Not only will you benefit from incredible growth in your confidence and discipline but you will also have the opportunity to receive HUGE discounts in fitness as Modern Vision also has a 24 Hour access Gym in the same space so you're membership will be reduced greatly.

Fitness Memberships
With Modern Vision MMA almost every class feels like you have a personal trainer. Our classes for fitness range from 5 people to 15 and our instructors' dedication to your fitness is unmatched. We will push your limits and give you the best workouts of your life while ensuring your technique is proper to prevent injury. With the fad of Crossfit safety becomes an issue as crossfit is famous for careless preventable injuries.

At Modern Vision our circuit training is functional high-performance training without the buzzword of "Crossfit", and you will see quick results in your training. Also, you will benefit greatly as we have a 24 hour gym in the same location and access to this area is included in your membership.